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The inside story of Labor’s election promises

In drawing up its plans for the election, Labor gave up on looking for policies to offset spending. Neither side is pretending it has a plan to pay for what it promises.



Exclusive: Defence review questions Afghanistan war deaths

A review of Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan questions whether soldiers’ deaths helped strategic outcomes and calls for ongoing royal commission-like powers to prevent misconduct.


Sogavare’s political survival at heart of Solomons-China deal

Is Solomon Islands’ controversial deal with China as much about providing security for the incumbent prime minister as it is about protecting the island nation?


Election ’22: Labor resets as Albanese returns

The election race is reset as Labor leader Anthony Albanese rejoins the fray, with both sides working to sharpen their focus on key demographics and messages.


Greg Hunt’s final act against universal healthcare

In one of his last acts as Health minister, Greg Hunt shut down Australia’s national prescribing service. Alongside another key review, it represents a pointed, almost unnoticed attack on universal healthcare.

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Macron’s win seen as defeat for anti-migrant populism

United States-led alliance commits more military support to defence of Ukraine. Indonesia bans palm oil exports to ensure domestic supply. Elon Musk to take over Twitter.

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Stephen Mutch
At this point, the Coalition government is unfit for office

“My own view is that the Liberal Party in NSW is irredeemable and the federal Morrison government is unfit to hold office. The latter assessment is based specifically on the question of government integrity.”


Paul Bongiorno
Everything is going up, except Morrison’s chances

“Unfortunately for the prime minister, he himself is a known known, with a record over the past three years that he is having great difficulty defending or explaining. How sweet must be the memory of the blank page that he presented the last time he faced the voters.”


John Hewson
Morrison focuses on the economy at the expense of workers

“Morrison can argue that Albanese has never held an economic portfolio and can’t recall key economic data. However, Morrison would have to concede that his opponent is better able to manage industrial relations, with a Bob Hawke-like capacity to pull employers and unions together for accord-style discussions and pathways forward.”

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The running man

The story of Scott Morrison’s life is of events almost catching up with him. His career has been spent a few steps in front of calamity. This election is the first time his actions have pulled up parallel with his intentions. Morrison is in the find out phase.


Independents and social change

Tony Windsor nails the problem perfectly (“Rorters, rooters and the country’s lost decade”, April 23-29). There is a culture of greed pervading the groups that are doing nicely. Determined …

Reading between Clive’s lines

I know that Clive Palmer’s ads are not directed at readers of The Saturday Paper but I totally disagree with the quote from a Labor MP that “his messaging is spot on” (Rick …

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Julian Barnes
Elizabeth Finch

Jackie Huggins and Ngaire Jarro
Jack of Hearts: QX11594

Zoë Coyle
Where the Light Gets In



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The Afghan women’s soccer team finds new hope in Australia

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August last year, members of the women’s national soccer team fled to Australia. Now they are rebuilding their lives, back on the pitch and searching for fresh victories.


Is it time for lawyers to dump their fossil fuel clients?

Many law firms are reducing their carbon footprint, but the legal representation they offer to fossil fuel companies is causing much more damage.


David Pocock’s next battleground

Never a believer in the adage that sport and politics shouldn’t mix, David Pocock has made it his mission to charge down the dysfunctionalities of government. But can he distinguish himself as a true independent?




“He didn’t do anything wrong that I saw.”

Person 35A witness for Ben Roberts-Smith defends the soldier in his defamation trial. In the same evidence he explained that he dressed as a Klansman at a party in Afghanistan because the costume was easy to make and it complemented his friend, who was going in blackface.


“I trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness.”

Jack DorseyThe co-founder of Twitter expresses his support for Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. It turns out the light of consciousness is worth about $A62 billion.


“The only way you can preserve peace is to prepare for war.”

Peter DuttonThe Defence minister shares his view on China. Other possible techniques all involve voting out the Coalition.


“We’re not letting them get away with this dirty deal with the devil.”

Pauline HansonThe One Nation leader says she will direct preferences to Labor in key seats after the Liberals put Jacqui Lambie’s candidates ahead of her own in Tasmania. Hanson hasn’t trusted the devil since he started doing deals with Black guitarists in the 1930s.


“It is grossly inappropriate for me to be talking about these matters before a final report has been tabled.”

Daniel AndrewsThe Victorian premier responds to a leaked report into alleged corruption in Labor’s state branch. It’s this kind of respect for proper process that the report is almost certainly not about.


“It’s not about whether you believe the science or not.”

Bridget McKenzieThe Nationals senator says climate change is really about costs rather than science. In reality, it’s not about either: it’s about the destruction of the planet while backwards politicians hedge on whatever petty self-interest might keep them in parliament.